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Unleash Your Potential

March 19, 2010

What is the biggest myth that individuals who are afraid of public speaking labor under? I’ll cut to the chase — it is the myth that what they need is outside themselves. Examples of such “outside” elements are: more time to prepare, more knowledge, greater delivery skills, a better looking face, a better suit, a more supportive audience, etc. The truth is, the most fundamentally important resource you need to excel in public speaking is inside you. It can be summarized in one word — CONFIDENCE. Self-confidence is the key that unlocks your ability to access your inner reserves; to access the knowledge that you already have; to focus on the message and the audience instead of yourself.

The vantage point of sixteen years of speech coaching has shown me that most nervous speakers think that a speech coach will teach them techniques to speak more effectively. Before spending time on the fine points of techniques, the wise speech coach first helps the speaker work on the inside elements: self-esteem and self-worth that lead to self-confidence and then to develop the winning philosophy that the job of the speaker is to give value to the audience, not to impress them.

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